Our Crew

LINX team is a powerful ally for anyone making a move in commercial or investment real estate in Southern Utah. Meet the team below.

The Crew

Mike Hillis

Mike Hillis

1943 - 2018

Leslie Dean

Leslie Dean

Office Manager

This Is Us


We Are

Insiders in Our Market

We know the players and how to get things done.


Our national network of brokers is the best of the best.


To your outcome and your experience.


We Don’t

Limit Ourselves

To typical methods, perspective or technology.


With one another – we are in fact, a team.

Tell You

What you want to hear (unless it’s true).


We Believe

In Solutions

We are agile, creative, and collaborative.

In Communication

We listen and are clear in our message.

In Training

We work relentlessly on our craft.

Let’s Work Together