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Andrew Sorensen, CCIM


I am a Founding Partner of LINX Commercial Real Estate specializing in office and investment properties. What I love about commercial real estate is that, aside from the huge potential for wealth creation, there is also a vast complexity of details within each of the major commercial real estate sectors.

My recommendation to a new commercial agent starting out is this: be the expert in one area. There is so much to know within commercial real estate, so don’t try to work on it all. Work relentlessly on your focused area of expertise. That is your craft. When you do this, you will naturally find work and plenty of opportunities. Most agents really struggle doing this in a small market like St. George. We are able to stay within our specialty areas at LINX because we are a team, we trust each other, and we share generously.

If I walked into a bank and told the loan officer that I had identified a stock portfolio with a lot of opportunity that was poised for growth and asked for a loan, what do you think the answer would be? I would probably get laughed at. So tell me again why I can’t get a loan to invest in stocks but can easily get that loan for a real estate purchase? Real estate is the number one key to real wealth creation. Leverage, local markets, non-public information, real assets, real opportunities, tax benefits, the list of advantages goes on and on. My job as a commercial broker is to help my clients tap into this tremendous source of wealth and find abundance for themselves and their businesses.

Prior to commercial real estate in 2007, I earned a degree in Economics, worked as a financial analyst, as a medical sales professional, and had some good success investing in real estate. Of all those things, real estate is what moved the needle for me. I found that the investment and commercial side of real estate is a really good fit with my interests and abilities. Over the past decade plus, I’ve provided transaction and advisory services to hundreds of clients on commercial and investment properties. My attention to detail and focused persistence helps me to serve my client’s needs exceptionally well. In 2010 I earned the CCIM designation, and in 2023 I earned the prestigious SIOR designation, both of which give me the tools, resources and connections to better serve my clients needs.

Outside the office, my wife, April, and our five kids are my passion. Cheering at our kids’ track meets and choir concerts tops the list for me. I also really enjoy playing, working, studying and worshipping with them at home. Aside from my faith and family there is pickleball that is just insanely fun. The weather and competitive environment here are both awesome for pickleball. We play outdoors 12 months out of the year. We also really enjoy wake surfing and spending time at Sand Hollow and Lake Powell each year.

For me, the creation of LINX was the logical next step in the evolution of commercial real estate brokerage. LINX is about delivering increased value to clients, with more flexibility, creativity and responsiveness to the ever-changing world we live in. When the markets and when technology changes fast, the team at LINX is poised to change faster to stay on the cutting edge.


“Your success is my success.”

“Reputation is the most important element of my business plan. My own satisfied customers, who have achieved remarkable financial success in the deals I have helped them to put together, are more important than anything else.”

“A satisfied customer will naturally tell their friends and colleagues about my knowledge, my service, my integrity, and my professionalism. This word of mouth referring will be the most powerful source of my continued success.”

“The closing of a given transaction is important, but it will never come at the expense of my reputation and in doing the right thing towards all parties involved.”

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