If you are following LINX Commercial Real Estate closely, we’ve recently announced 5 major companies who are relocating to or in Southern Utah!

How exciting right?!

So… who are they and why are they coming?

Let’s dive right into the 5 Projects Coming To Southern Utah with the help of LINX Commercial Real Estate:

1. InFab

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InFab Corporation has been an innovator and leader in the radiation protection industry since its inception in 1981.  They produce superior lead aprons and radiation protection equipment.

This California-based company is expanding its operations with a manufacturing facility in Hildale, bringing nearly 100 new jobs and an economic boost to the town.

Why Hildale you ask?

Well, a certain building in Hildale caught their eye – a 60,000-square foot facility in the town that NewEra is currently occupying.

Also, the available labor force in Hildale is exactly what they are looking for – people who have a sewing or metal fabrication skills.

But it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows!

Choosing to come to Hildale presented its own challenges with overcoming the rumors and stigma that have plagued the Hildale community in the past due to negative press coverage.

To overcome any questions or concerns, Travis arranged meetings with InFab and local community leaders, including the mayor, city manager, and the United Trust (UEP) Trust. InFab was able to have their questions answered and begin a great and lasting relationship with the community.

Travis Parry, SIOR with LINX assisted InFab throughout the acquisition process. He even helped them obtain state incentives to seal the deal through coordinating and worked with the local county and state economic development agencies.

InFab coming into the town of Hildale is a big game-changer for the community. A good portion of the workforce has been commuting to work outside of the community. InFab makes it so some of them won’t have to commute anymore and most likely will also have higher pay.

In addition to the economic boost InFab will produce for employment in the area, there will also be new equipment purchases and the need for raw materials and services from local providers. This will bring even more dollars into the local and surrounding communities.

InFab is also looking to relocate its top management to Hildale for this project.

This was an incredible project that LINX Commercial Real Estate is proud to have been apart of.

2. NewEra Manufacturing

NewEra Logo

NewEra Manufacturing is under construction on their new 40,000+sf facility in Port 15 in Cedar City. NewEra Manufacturing Inc. is a contract mManufacturing facility supplying precision machined components and assemblies for the aerospace, medical, recreational, and other commercial entities.

NewEra is currently located in Hildale, Utah and will be relocating to Cedar City once their new facility is completed in Fall 2019. In fact, their current building is where InFab will be coming in Winter 2020.

How did all of this come about? NewEra contacted Travis Parry, SIOR with LINX back in 2017 to help them find a building that better suited their business and production needs.

After scouring the market and not finding an existing building that would fit their needs, LINX structured a deal for a build-to-suit with a developer out of Salt Lake City on five acres of land in Port 15 in Cedar City, providing a new state of the art facility for NewEra.

Travis assisted NewEra and the build-to-suit developer in finding and acquiring the land, negotiating contracts, and negotiating the lease in Port 15 Industrial Park in Cedar City. This will help NewEra be closer to their employees and be a great addition to the Cedar City/Iron County area.

We are so excited about this project for NewEra!


Screen Shot 2019 07 16 at 11.21.11 AM

We’re excited to announce our next big project that is in the works- GOEX!

GOEX is the industry leader in extruding quality rigid plastic sheet and roll stock products– and they are coming to Cedar City!

GOEX coming to Cedar City is exciting because GOEX’s Cedar City expansion is said to create as many as 100 jobs over the next seven years, as well as above-average pay. The total wages in aggregate are required to exceed 110 percent of the average county wage.

Goex is an outstanding company with a solid reputation and a culture that fits perfectly in our community. They make top-quality products, and they truly value their employees and their customers. This company will have a tremendous positive impact on Iron County and southwestern Utah. This is a huge win for Utah and Cedar City.

Danny Stewart

The initial phase is for 100,000 sq feet, with the ability to expand to over 200,000 sq feet.

Travis Parry, SIOR with LINX Commercial Real Estate helped them find and negotiate a 20-acre rail-served property in Port 15 Cedar City.

Travis also assisted GOEX with the incentive process with EDCU, GOED, as well as the local county and state economic development agencies.

4. Preferred Barrel Blanks & Match Grade Machinery

Preferred Barrle Blanks Logo e1565979449465
Match Grade Machinery Logo

Travis Parry, SIOR with LINX Commercial Real Estate recently assisted Preferred Barrel Blanks and Match Grade Machinery Companies in their relocation to a 30,000sf facility that they acquired in Hildale, Utah.

Both companies are currently located in Hurricane. They are relocating to Hildale after acquiring a former truss manufacturing facility at 740 N Pinion.

The companies had outgrown their current space and were looking for a new building that had at least 30,000 sq feet of industrial space.

LINX had the pleasure of assisting them in identifying and finding the building, negotiating between them and the seller.

They are excited to move the company there, as well as several of the principles and employees of the company who will also relocate to the Hildale area.

But why has Hildale become such an attractive area to industrial companies?

Hildale has been very aggressive in their development front recently, even working to eliminate their water impact fees, in an effort to attract more economic development and growth in the community. Their skilled workforce is known for their dedication and hard work ethics.

5. Straight Stripe

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Straight Stripe provides the highest quality pavement markings for federal highways, international, municipal, and regional airports, county and city roads, HOA’s, and parking lot signage with strict adherence to MUTCD standards and specifications.

They are also the owners of Dixie Clean and Sweep.

They are an awesome local business in St.George and are seeing rapid growth in their business! Their challenge was due to that growth, they were split among several locations and eventually outgrew even those locations.

They were looking to consolidate into ONE space.

Luckily, a nearby property became available. Travis Parry, SIOR with LINX Commercial Real Estate was able to help them relocate to a new 7-acre facility, just across the street from their current corporate location, to meet their expanding business ventures!

We are excited to see their continuing growth and success.

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Have a fantastic August!

Travis Parry, SIOR, CCIM
Partner – LINX Commercial Real Estate

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