According to a Trulia survey, “for the same price, 2 in 5 Americans – a sizable 41% of the population – either somewhat or strongly prefer a newly-built home over an existing one.” Does the same hold true for commercial properties?

The percentage is actually much higher. Twice as many people would prefer a new commercial property rather than an existing one.

So since buying a new office, retail, or industrial building is all the rage, what are the perks of buying a new commercial property in the Saint George Area?

1. Customizing Your Space

When you buy a new commercial property, you are able to work with the builder to customize your commercial property in the blueprints before construction is started or completed.

That means you can add your personal touches to your office during the building stage. Whether this means certain types of AC units or plumbing you want, columns, beams, special architecture or specific stairs. Whatever it might be!

That way you don’t have to go in and do all the work to remodel or renovate after your purchase of an existing office! Everything will be completed just the way you want it to be before you even move in.

Talk about saving time and money.

2. Designing Your Space

Buying or building a new office, retail or industrial building in the Saint George area give you the ability to design to the elements of your business needs.

You can “right-size” your space to ensure that you are paying for the space you actually need and use rather than trying to force-fit into an existing layout or changing your business processes to accommodate a less efficient layout.

This could mean open designs, customized meeting rooms or bathrooms, and larger office spaces. When you design your own office building, you get to choose what’s important for you and your business.

3. Less Maintenance

While new office spaces aren’t perfect, they are much less maintenance than existing offices. With a new building, comes fewer maintenance problems.

Your new building comes with brand new lighting, HVAC equipment, fixtures, plumbing, roof, and parking area. This means you should be relatively repair-free for several years!

And with brand new carpet, paint, tile, etc., renovations won’t be necessary for a long time either!

4. Save Money on Utilities

Since you are able to customize your new space, you’re able to choose more energy efficient materials than what may be found in existing properties–especially older buildings.

Which means you save money on utilities and you’re helping the environment.

You can choose things like Ultra Low Flush and High Efficiency Toilets that use less then 1.28 gallons per flush or high efficiency, water saving faucets! You can choose to go with a sandwich panel concrete-tilt industrial building, or a 2″x6″ framed exterior wall on your new office or retail space.

For your new industrial building, you may choose to build in the Ft. Pierce Industrial Park, by the St. George City Airport, or in the Rio Virgin Industrial Park off of Washington Dam Road. All of these industrial areas are in the Dixie Power region.

Dixie Power has one of the lowest power rates in the nation! Manufacturers can save almost half of their power bill by locating in an area serviced by Dixie Power vs. one of the city owned power districts such as St. George, Washington, or Hurricane City.

5. Move-In Completed

When you choose to buy or build a new commercial property in the Saint George area, you get to move into an office that is complete and is PERFECT!

That means no holes in the walls, no weird smells, no stained carpets or chipped tiles, and you get to experience that “new building smell.”

You get to walk into a brand new, beautiful-looking office every day and appreciate the work you’ve put into it to make it your own. And that goes for your client’s as well!

LINX Commercial Real Estate

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