Tom, today we’re taking a trip down I-15 to find out What’s Going There.

For the longest time Maverick’s been all alone, but not anymore. Black Bear with their second location here at Exit 13.

I’ve heard they’re killing it over there doing a lot of business, and you got the Terrible Herbst that’s just about to open up.

The new RV park that’s got 80 slots. That’s going to be coming in which will be a great addition for this area.


What about the hotel over here too?

They have a sign up. We understand they’re still planning to move forward, but we don’t have a timeline.

What’s also exciting is the Grapevine Crossing. Retail development, amphitheater, dinosaur tracks, tortoise display.

Man, if I’m a retail developer, if I’m a retail user, I’m going to want to go there. That sounds like there’s a lot going on.

And stay tuned because we’re going to have some major announcements coming soon on this exit.

I can’t wait to hear about it, Travis.

Here we are at the recently announced Exit 11 of Interstate 15.

We’re really excited about this project because it’s going to help alleviate the congestion at Exit 10. We know that it’s received kind of a mixed reaction from the residents, but overall we think it’s going to be in the end a really nice project and a nice development and open up some commercial opportunities for the future.

And we need it. It’s long overdue, Travis.

All right, moving south we’re at the Green Springs exit. What’s going on here, Travis?

Well, Tommy we’ve got a new 111 room hotel, SpringHill Suites. One of two hotels that have been announced here plus you’ve got this excess ground here or this extra commercial ground here. What do you think’s going to go on, Tommy?

Well, it’s our understanding that Maverick’s going to come in and redevelop the Chevron site similar to what they did on the Boulevard, and I expect we’re going to see retail and restaurants filling in around that. We’re really excited about all the activity here at Exit 10.

Just south of here across from Costco, we’ve got the new Tagg N Go Car Wash going in.

I can get my truck fueled up and go across the street and rinse it off.


This is Travis and Tom with LINX Commercial Estate.

And we’re here to show you What’s Going There.