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Exclusive inside looks at St.George’s upcoming commercial real estate developments,

and LINX Weekly Pro Tips.

LINX Pro Tips 

Looking For Land? What Should You Consider?

If you are looking to buy or invest in Commercial Real Estate Land, call us. Let our commercial land expert Tom Callister tell you.

What Size of Building Should I Put On a Lot?

Have you just purchased commercial land for your office, and you’re wondering what size of building to put on it? Travis knows!

The LINX Culture

We want to build a relationship with our clients. We’re here to help as a team!

LINX What’s Going There? 

What’s Going There? Historic Downtown St.George

Tom and Travis here again, allowing you to be the first in the know about what is happening in Downtown St.George this year.

What’s Going There? Hotel Edition!

Tom and Travis give you the ins-and-outs of upcoming hotels and the growth of Southern Utah.

What’s Going There? Freeway Exit Developments

Another inside look into what is happening around the St.George freeway exits, with LINX’s Tom and Travis.

What’s Going There? Economic Summit

Join Tom and Travis at the Economic Summit and learn more about what real estate market to expect in 2019.

What’s Going There? Washington City Temple

In this “What’s Going There” edition, Tom and Travis give us the sneak peek into the new Washington City Temple.

What’s Going There? Restaurant Edition Sept 2018

Get your daily dose of Tom and Travis in the Restaurant Edition of “What’s Going There?”.